live streaming specialists

white label sales platform solutions

We power four of the biggest and best webcasts in UK ice hockey. Alongside local partners infinity21 have developed a white label platform which helps the UK’s premier sport brands: the Sheffield Steelers, Nottingham Panthers and Belfast Giants as well as Ice Hockey UK get their content to fans far and wide, and generate a reliable source of income to invest back into what matters - the product on the ice.

direct customer support

More than simply providing the platform for you to sell and broadcast your product, we act as support for your customers, handling emails and keeing track of twitter feedback. This lets you do what you’re good at - creating great content.

hands-on assistance

If you don’t have your own content creation team, we have professional creators and technicians on the ground in the UK and Ireland who can provide whatever you need for in-house or broadcast + provide all the necessary hardware to stream live or on-demand.

custom platform development

Building websites is our background — we can make a special page for your event, provide drop-in code to play your stream, or if you need any other sort of web development get in touch.